Freight management and inventory control

  • Web-based cargo program login and web tracker - Our web-based inventory control program allows our clients to have up-to-the-minute information. Our inventory control program can be completely paperless with the exchange of data from warehouse to warehouse. We also have the ability to customize reports, search engines, data fields, purchase order requirements and much more to meets the wide range of needs of our clients.
  • Freight consolidation and preparation - Our experienced staff receive, inventory and sticker all freight on behalf of our customers. Freight is consolidated based on the airplane or truck transporting the goods. We take pride in maximizing every flight or truck with our client’s goods to ensure we can help minimize transportation costs.
  • Communication - Our project manager will be in constant communication to ensure critical items are moved on schedule as well as overall goals and objectives are met, while looking at new ways to improve service levels.
  • Reporting - A variety of reports are available daily, weekly and  monthly. These reports can be generated by your team or can be distributed to your team electronically at any time.
  • Detailed receiving - To save time any money at site our staff will inventory the goods order and cross reference the packing slips to ensure the goods purchased are received. Overages and shortages can be addressed on the front end with the vendor, ensuring the right goods are received and shipped.