• Inventory control - With our web based inventory control program and web tracker, our clients have up-to-the-minute freight and cargo movement information.
  • Freight consolidation and load facilitation - On behalf of our clients we receive, consolidate and inventory freight from vendors and suppliers. Freight is then built into loads based on the size of the aircraft or truck scheduled.
  • Aircraft and truck loading and unloading - Our experienced staff have the training and knowledge to safely load and unload your goods. Our staff will keep an open line of communication with your team to ensure we maximize every aircraft or truck with the right goods at the right time.
  • Passenger management - We provide passenger check-in service at the Yellowknife terminal or at the location requested by our client. Detailed passenger manifests will be provided to the airline and client at the time of departure. We ensure company regulations are follow by all passengers traveling to your site
  • Passenger pick-up and drop-off services - We provide pick-up and drop-off services in Yellowknife for the departure and arrival of flights.
  • Cargo pick-up and drop-off services - We provide pick-up and drop-off of freight in Yellowknife.
  • Dangerous goods - Our experienced staff provides our clients the preparation of the dangerous goods documents and the proper packaging and labeling of the items to be shipped.
  • Procurement - We will secure goods, services and transportation on behalf of our clients, based on their requirements and timelines.